Your Phone Verified EDU, Diabetic and Payday Loan Source…

Phone Veified Sales Leads

Phone Veified Sales Leads

We only offer SEM, Phone Survey and Phone Verified leads that are 100% permission-based, meaning that your leads have asked to receive additional information on products, services and topics in which they are interested.

We Offer a Wide Range of Opt-In Phone Verified Leads…

Opt-In Phone Verified EDU Enrollment Leads:

Utilizing our proprietary technology, expertise, experience and good ole fashion common on-line, inbound and outbound marketing, our sole focus is providing you with, week in and week out, consistent and reliable Education Enrollment Leads
with the pricing you want for the ROI you need.

We have the perfect mix of EDU Feeds for you which include our Full Form EDU Leads, Short Form General Interest EDU Leads (both types have been call center verified), Inbound Opt-In EDU Leads in both long or short form, also call verified and our highly coveted Opt-In Phone Survey EDU Enrollment Leads. Our EDU Leads are composed of the most consistent feeds in the market.

Opt-In HIPPA Compliant Long Form and Short Form Diabetic Leads:

If you’re in the Durable Medical Equipment vertical or a call center generating leads for your DME partners ApexDM has a multitude of HIPPA complaint diabetic lead generation campaigns in place to fit your diabetic lead needs.

We manage multiple diabetes lead data feeds and files ranging from Real-Time Long Form Diabetes Leads, Real-Time Short Form Diabetes Leads, 24hr Aged and older Long Form Diabetes Leads, Mid-Form Diabetes Leads, Short Form Diabetes Leads and our Medical Opt-in Phone Survey Leads.

The diabetic vertical is a competitive market, no doubt about it. If you’re reading this you’ve most likely experienced the sharp downturn in the diabetic lead quality these past few months. Because of this we decided to make every one of our diabetic lead feeds a call verified lead set to ensure you get only the highest quality Medicare and Non Medicare Diabetic Leads in the market today.

Drive your sales with our highly responsive Medicare and or Non Medicare qualified prospects who have shown an explicit interest in being contact about your medical supply or services offers.

Opt-In Long Form and Short Form Payday Loan Leads:

There is no better way for Payday Lenders to keep their pipelines full of qualified and responsible applicants then to use our Real-Time Payday Leads and 24hr plus Aged Payday Leads. Our Long Form Payday Leads are the apex of on-line Opt-in Payday, Personal Loan and Cash Advance marketing.

Just like all of our top-tier leads, our Payday Loan Leads are developed in Real-Time and Phone Verified. As soon as the prospective borrower completes an online application, their information is immediately sent to our call center to verify the consumer’s intent.

Additionally, as with all of our leads, you can set up customized filters to make sure you receive the payday loan leads that best suit your business.

Our Long Form Payday Leads are more than just a name, phone number and a bank account with references; they’re real
people looking for a personal loan that may have life emergencies anywhere from unexpected bills, car repairs, house repairs, or any other problem life can throw at us.

When you purchase your new leads you’ll be talking to real people who require a payday cash advance and a desire to be approved with little delay.

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