ApexDM’s Foreclosure Defense Live Transfer Lead Generation

There are many loan modification and foreclosure defense lead-generation companies today, but most fail when it comes to opt-in live transfers and high conversion of their leads. Instead of bolstering your sales and improving your customer satisfaction, these companies will only drive your costs while wasting your sales agent’s time and resources with leads that have no real intention of transacting business with you.

Not Cool. Not at All!

What makes our foreclosure defense opt-in live transfer lead generation service stand out is that we are very aware of these common failures, so we have developed a well-planned and streamlined strategy to secure live transfer leads that not only convert but, convert high.

So How We Do It?

First. Take a closer look at how our live transfer lead generation service differs from the rest:

No Competition, Exclusive Leads
One of the most wasteful strategies in lead-generation that poor firms execute is chasing a lead while competing with ten or twenty other companies. This novice tact is simply against our professional standards. Through our specialized knowledge and tools, we will deliver exclusive leads to you, so you’ll have all the room you need to work on your sales and marketing strategies.

We Transfer Interested Live Leads
When we say live leads, we mean leads that are very eager to take advantage of your products and/or services. We will deliver these leads at your convenience, in real-time, so the lead will never grow cold because of too many delays. It is not in your best interest to speak with leads that have filled out forms some three or four weeks ago. We will save you a great amount of time, resources and money by communicating leads that have a sense of urgency to speak with your sales agents.

Easy to Contact Leads
There may be nothing more frustrating than chasing down a lead for several days and weeks via phone, e-mail and various other media channels.

At ApexDM we say “Don’t chas’em, replac’em!”

Our strict filtering procedures insures that only highly interested leads will reach your desk, so you will have a constant stream of business transactions that generate revenue.

What we’re trying to say is, we will give you people who are highly interested in what you have to offer, and not the other way around.

High Conversions
Our foreclosure defense lead-generation system is tweaked just right to meet the highest level of efficiency possible, which means you get to invest minimally while generating maximum profits and saving large amounts money. Through our exclusive, opt-in, real-time, and easy-to-contact leads, your sales and marketing expertise will soar to heights that were previously thought unreachable.

The thoroughness and effectiveness of our opt-in foreclosure defense live transfer lead generation service is so impressive that we can enable you to meet higher retention rates.

To start generating profits and decreasing wasteful costs, contact us today @ (714) 203-7577 or e-mail me at tyler@apexdm.net and we’ll show you how it can be realistically done in the shortest possible time.

In case you’re a little lost and what to know more about foreclosure defense keep reading….

If you recently learned you are facing foreclosure or have fought foreclosure you may feel helpless but you should not feel defenseless. Foreclosure defenses are available to you if you seek them. Losing your home may not have to happen but you must act to defend your home. There are a number of foreclosure defense tools so seeking the advice of a lawyer who will aid you in your fight can make the process easier and help you find what your best defense will be to help you stay in your home.

First it is essential to find the details of your situation. These details can help decide what kind of dense is best for you. Individual situation varies and a professional can find and implement solutions you may not know exist. Mortgage paperwork which can help determine if you are the victim of a predatory lending scheme, your tax returns and employment status which can help determine what programs you may qualify for and related information about unemployment and payment history are all important.

Sometimes the first defense to a borrower is a demand issued to the lender that they “produce the note” This is a demand to make the lender starting the foreclosure process to prove they are legally entitled to do so. You may have heard about this defense in the news. While it cannot permanently stop foreclosure it can provide the homeowner with time to develop strategies to keep their home. This time can be essential in developing a strategy to defend their home.

A defense may be created by exploring the details of the loan to identify any predatory lending practices. Predatory lenders may hide terms in your mortgage like large service fees or they may set you up to fail. Some predatory lenders will delay posting a payment that arrived on time in order to charge a penalty. Those penalties and the interest on them compound and a borrower who believes they have always made their payments on time may find themselves suddenly facing a foreclosure. An experienced lawyer can identify and expose these practices and help you save your home.

Mortgages are complex instruments and even non-predatory mortgages can be explored to offer the borrower several defenses against foreclosure. Additionally every day mortgage lenders along with state and federal government agencies are developing new ways to keep borrowers in their homes and lenders from taking losses on these loans. An experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable in the latest developments in foreclosure defenses can help you keep your home and your future alive.

Visit Us @ www.apexdm.net or apexlivetransfers.com

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