Call Center Predictions Come True

Call center experts made some predictions for the year 2010. As the year folds up, let’s wind the clock backwards and find out how many of these predictions came true and to what extents. The most promising forecast was that the BPO companies will get more business when the recession lifts up. During the initial months of this year, the recession was still hanging around. That’s when the business firms started to see a trickle of money coming in. Jobs were generated in the other industries. This expanded the telemarketing scopes for the call centers. It was no more an economy where people were buying just their necessary items. The consumer market opened up to a large extent. Business firms had a budget that could afford Market Intelligence services and Cold Calling campaigns. They could also hire call centers to conduct customer service for their business and brands.

The prediction coming true was a huge bonus for everyone concerned with the call center sector. With business firms having more money to spend in marketing and promoting their brand, there was more work for the call centers. They could now afford to invest in BPO technology and the updates and upgrades. This improved the quality of call center services. Automation in inbound call center services, like Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR) and other means have streamlined the process of responding to customers. There is less of delay and the service has become more effective and efficient. Customer service agents can also tackle more calls with better first call resolutions. The investment in superior technology was one of the predictions of 2010. And it came true with more business process outsourcing service providers taking the plunge in spending money for technology.

Another prediction that was welcomed by the BPO sector with wide arms was the emergence of mid-level and even small scale business firms as possible source of business. Smaller companies now feel the need to have their customer service department handled by professionals. The same goes for getting more customers in the kitty. Instead of buying third-party leads that don’t offer quality sales lead generation these firms are now hiring call centers for leads. They want fresh, verified leads, so that their sales-lead conversion is high. In the current business scenario, you cannot count on a lead unless the consumer has signed on the dotted line. Leads flip easily and fast.

The rise of the social media is another factor that has taken prominence this year. There is a rise in the number of call centers offering social media marketing as one of the call center services. The best part about this rise is that BPO agents are slowly waking up to realize that social media networks have their own metrics and methods. Initially, they were pushing themselves too hard, only to be ejected out by the users of these websites. Now they are subtler, with more of interaction between users and the customer service agents manning these profiles. The way social media networks are used now, it promises to be a potent force in the next year.

We are working on the threshold of new changes in call center services. We have BPO analysts studying trends and training our call center agents to keep pace with the times.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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