Customer Acquisition through Outbound Call Centers

Customer acquisition is one of the main priorities of a call center. No business will be able to move ahead without adding customers to the kitty. Business that has stagnated will surely lose out on fizz and die a premature death. Lead generation campaigns are conducted with the sole aim of adding customers. There are various ways of adding more subscribers. They could be added through telemarketing calls and also through online sales lead generation methods. Business companies that have a consumer-oriented model remain heavily dependent on adding to their database. Let’s find out how you can expand this very valuable asset of your business.

The first question that will come to your mind is: why do I need to hire an outbound call center for the job? The answer is very simple. Call centers have extensive training and knowledge base to know exactly what you need to do in order to bring in more customers. They will be able to tell you what you want without wasting much of effort and resources. When you try to figure out a transcription service campaign on your own, you end up trying out things in a trial and error mode. That sets you back by a long while. So, when you are figuring out what to do, your rivals and competitors have surged past you. Hiring a trusted BPO unit will take out that angle of uncertainty. You will be able to work towards a purpose that adds value to the effort that you are putting in.

What are the methods that you need to follow in customer acquisition? Let’s begin with the offline methods. Telemarketing calls are the proven ways of generating leads. The BPO company that you have on board will have access to a database to call prospective customers. You can buy generated leads from third party sellers and can also have a list of your own. When you are launching new products, you always have the option of up selling and cross selling with your existing list of customers. But to get new ones, you have to look outside the fold. Telemarketing services generally analyze and verify the data that is with them. Then they cut down on certain sections of the database when they are not falling into the right kind of demographics.

In the online lead generation department, you have to depend on more passive ways. More call center units are using websites and other Web 2.0 tools for sales lead management over the Internet. BPO companies are using social media networks for customer acquisition. Taking part in discussion forums and threads are also productive ways of tapping into the customers that have a latent demand but have not been tapped. Using the search engines like Google and Yahoo are successful ways of reaching out to these consumers. People tend to check up products/services online before they pick up the phone to call the customer service department. Search engines also allow lesser known brands to come up with increased visibility on the page rankings.

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