Psychology of Tele-Sales. Be Prepared.

Psychology of Tele-Sales. Be Prepared

I like to say whenever you call someone on the telephone and try to sell them a product or service, you need to be prepared, just like a Boy Scout.

So… It’s no stretch to say the Psychology of Selling Over The Phone starts with You.
This philosophy is true of any type of salesmanship and being prepared is what makes a good salesperson a great salesperson.

I also believe if You are not ready to sell and You don’t have all your ammunition ready and in front of You, You are not ready to even pick up the phone.

Some while ago I was in a sales meeting with a group of hotshot salespeople who are all very accomplished in the art of Selling Over The Phone.

As a matter of fact, these sales professionals are quite accustomed to closing deals for well over $20,000.00 USD all the time, and guess what, they do it by cold calling over the phone.

Forget Everything You Think You Know About Selling
Aside from the fact they all know every trick in the book when it comes to effectively presenting their service, answering objections, and closing, they all have come from areas where they sold face to face.
A common thread in my conversations with each of these people is that they all have totally changed their Modus operandi. No longer can they rely on the cues that all salespeople rely on to develop and maintain client relationships, cues from selling face to face, they have all learned new skills that work in the new environment – telesales.

In essence, their skill set has been tweaked to suit audible feedback and cues, and for many salespeople it’s not an easy transition.

I Know I Can Sell
They also understand one very important detail about themselves that enables them to effectively perform the job.

They are all Believers but it’s not what you think.

What these individuals believe is they CAN SELL and that they WILL SELL!

The belief they have has nothing to do with the product, although they all believe the product is well worth the cash. What they believe in is – their own Ability and Talent to Sell.

This belief is deeply rooted in each person’s psyche along with the conviction that they can alter their financial situation at whim. It’s very true; they can and do, every day.

This type of ability comes from years of successful selling and hard work. But more importantly, they’ve all spent a considerable amount of effort learning to manipulate their own attitude. That’s right; they constantly have a conversation with themselves.

Another common trait among these salespeople is they have all done their homework and have spent time and energy developing their sales skills to a point where they are confident. As a result they are very successful and almost every one of them makes 6 figures a year.

So the moral of the story here is this – if you are confident in Your Ability to Sell, you will! Simple!

The Psychology of Selling Starts with You.
It’s up to You to know you’re product inside and out.
It’s up to You to know your competitors as well as you know your own products.
It’s up to You to know why your product is the better choice.
It’s up to You to understand what your customer wants.
It’s up to You to find the right leads.
It’s up to You to be ethical.
And I could go on and on and on…

When you are confident, you will sell anything, anywhere, at anytime to anyone. Build your skill-set, know your product, study the competition, and study your customers.

Most importantly – Study Yourself. If you do, you will be confident of your ability and you will be Effective Selling Over The Phone.

If you are selling over the phone, be prepared, it’s the best thing you can do to have confidence!

You Can Do It!

“Doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time. Every Time.”

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