How to Increase Your Opt-in Live Transfer Leads Closing Rate.

Exclusive opt-in live lead transfers have increased in popularity among the financial and business to consumer industries over the past few years. The main reason for the popularity is that the leads are from consumers ready to buy, or at least, in a fact-gathering mode. Because of this ready-to-buy attitude of the consumers, opt-in live transfer leads have a higher close rate than typical cold leads. So how do you seize the moment and increase your live lead closing rates? Here are few tips to help you do just that.

Bypass your receptionist and make sure your sales team receives incoming calls from your live transfers directly. The caller has already had to endure a prescreening process before being transferred to you, the last thing you should do is have them prescreened again, put on hold, or transferred to someone other than the person who will be assisting them. If a caller has to talk with someone other than a salesperson, after having been prescreened, the interest level will decrease dramatically.

Make sure your prescreening process is not too lengthy. We all hate to fill out online forms, even though they are sometimes unavoidable. However, most consumers are willing to fill out a short form if they feel it is warranted. Never ask for more information than you actually need to adequately prescreen the caller. Even though exclusive live transfer leads are expensive, and a longer form will give you better-qualified leads, the tradeoff in volume will increase your chances of a sale.

When you receive the lead from your call center agent, skip the sales pitch. The caller is already interested in your product, so there is no need to tout your company’s achievements or the benefits of your product. Go straight for the order. If the caller seems hesitant, you may need to go into a short sales pitch. Keep the pitch short and only address the relevant factors or answer the questions that have been asked. Once a sufficient answer has been given, go back to taking the order. Keep in mind that the caller believes they are already in contact with your company and not an outsourcer, so answer the phone accordingly.

Opt-in live transfer leads are a goldmine if handled properly. Companies that know the importance of handling these types of leads in an efficient manner can greatly increase their sales. By following these tips, you will be well on your way to increasing your opt-in live transfer leads closing rates and increasing your sales.

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Samuel Goldwyn

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