Struggling With “One Size Fits All” Call Center Lead Generation?

We understand some of you are struggling up with “one size fits all” call center generated leads. Not having personalized and truly interested and qualified leads just results in more searching and testing of new vendor’s products and promises.

When we as consumers shop for lead generation services we all take the “What’s in it for me” stance. So fancy websites, length of business or boasts of how great someone is tend to fall on deaf ears. Without results you’re likely to see stagnate returns on your marketing investment, your sales suffer and the frustration sets in.

ApexDM’s Solution:

Personalized data sets, your own dedicated call center team and custom tailored qualifying of your leads.

How We Improve Your Quality of Life:

Your prospects will be qualified to fit your unique needs; products and services. With our Analytics and Reporting Services we communicate timely, accurate and useful reports that are essential to your measuring the success of your program. Using our Targeted Data option lets you drill deep into the needs and lifestyles of your target market maximizing your responses and ROI. In addition to the exclusivity of your leads, we also provide you with an experienced and trained dedicated call center team to create continuity in your direct marketing projects.

So What Sets ApexDM Apart?

There are three things that set any company apart. Price. Convenience. Service. This is where the value to you as a consumer is dictated.
Now, when it comes down to your leads and the growth of your business do you want to go with the cheapest and most convenient or the one with the best services to help you grow?

Let ApexDM be Your Turnkey Solution and let us worry about the leads so your sales team can focus on what they do best. Selling!!

ApexDM Has Your Solution to …

Live Transfers Leads
Targeted B2C & B2B Data
Call Center Services
Direct Mail Advertising

S. Tyler Stapley

CEO / Owner
Apex Direct Marketing

Office – 714-203-7577
E-mail –
Blog –
Website –

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”
Samuel Goldwyn

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