Marketers Plan to Allocate More Resources toward Online Marketing Next Year to Boost Student Prospecting, Enrollment and Retention


Survey: Higher Education Marketers Credit Online Lead Generation for Half of Qualified
Inquiries, Yet Most Invest a Fraction of their Budgets in Online Marketing

Marketers Plan to Allocate More Resources toward Online Marketing Next Year to Boost Student Prospecting, Enrollment and Retention

Higher education marketers, in large part, have been slow to invest in online marketing; however an imminent paradigm shift looms according to a new survey, the Study of Institutional Goals for Student Recruiting and Retention. The survey conducted by a leading interactive marketing company focused on
helping institutions find, enroll and retain students, shows that 42 percent of respondents credit
online lead generation for the majority of their qualified leads. However, 65 percent invest less
than 20 percent of their budgets in online marketing. Realizing a need to adopt new technology,
half of respondents say they intend to increase their commitment to online marketing in the
coming year.

“In an industry that each day becomes more competitive and complex, higher education
institutions are looking for proven methods of recruiting students, and are embracing technology as
the solution,” says Steve Isaac, EducationDynamics Chairman and CEO. “Emerging technological
marketing platforms allow institutions to reach out to prospective students in their space on their
terms, in a way that actively engages them, creating a personalized experience.”

Nearly 100 not-for-profit higher education marketers attending the American Marketing Association
conference in San Diego November 11-14, 2007 participated in the survey, designed to capture the
current trends and practices in prospecting, enrollment and retention. Survey highlights include the

Student Prospecting

• Only nine percent of respondents devote more than 40 percent of their budgets on online
• While most survey respondents (50%) say they plan to increase their online marketing
budgets in the coming year, no respondents anticipate decreasing their investment.
• Surprisingly, tools to engage parents throughout the student lifecycle were attractive to this
crowd with 55 percent of respondents saying that online parent communication and
networking would be helpful in both converting inquiries into students and reducing attrition
among students.
Student Enrollment
• While 41 percent of institutions gauge marketing success by the rate of inquiries to
enrollment, 9 percent of schools have no way of measuring this success.
• In what is becoming a more metrics-driven industry, only 26 percent of respondents know
their student cost per start.
• When asked about technology solutions, 81 percent suggest that customized online
academic and social networks would be helpful in enrollment efforts.
Student Retention
• Respondents overwhelmingly (76%) indicate that customized online academic and social
networking that commenced before or during orientation would be helpful in retention
• 82 percent would find an early warning alert system that notifies administrators when
current students are struggling or dissatisfied to be helpful.
• Among institutions that offer freshman seminar classes (61%), marketers report that the
biggest obstacles are lack of hard data showing the course effectiveness and participant
satisfaction(34%), lack of student interest in taking the course (13%), and faculty
disinterest in teaching freshman seminars (14%).

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