How To Buy Debt Settlement Leads

In today’s economy, buying debt leads can be very risky. With hundreds of companies claiming to have the best and highest-quality leads, how can anyone know which company to pick? If you accidentally make a poor choice, you may end up wasting valuable time and money. So how can you avoid all that trouble and end up applauding your choice instead? Here are a few great tips when buying debt leads to steer you clear from headaches and sleepless nights. After reading this, visit us at for all you debt settlement lead generation needs.

Tip #1: Find out how the lead generating company collects your Leads!
The first thing you should know when you look at buying leads is how these leads were collected. The best way is if leads were collected by means of a double opt-in system. An example of a double opt-in is when someone types in an email address and sign up on a web page. Their information is sent to a subscription service and the service sends the consumer a confirmation email giving a link to confirm the subscription. This ensures that the person did actually want to sign up on this list and it’s not a mistake. A single opt-in would just be the same thing except without the confirmation email. Since 90% of spam complaints come from single op-in lists, this makes the double opt-in lists very safe for the person using the list. Do not buy leads that were simply drawn from the internet without the lead’s consent as you will probably be accused of spamming if you use these leads.

Tip #2: Only buy leads from companies that sell a single lead a single time:
Companies that resell their leads multiple times will dramatically hurt you more than they will help. Imagine for a minute that you are a client in debt. You have just responded to a debt settlement ad by filling out a thorough form with all your contact information. Then, a stranger calls you to verify that you indeed meet a certain requirement such as owing more than $10k in unsecured debt and having some sort of income. If you meet all the criteria, then you become a “good” lead. Everything I’ve just described up to this point is fine and dandy unless the company decides to “resell you”. Should they decide to “resell,” multiple companies will try and get in touch with you, insisting that they want to help you. As a consumer, would you really believe that all these companies that are calling are simply trying to HELP and not get anything in return? Of course not! This is where the problem lies. You’ve been taught all your life that if something is too good to be true, then it usually is. This natural, skeptical side within you kicks in and you may end up feeling too suspicious to trust any of these companies. You may not want to go with any of the companies and end up feeling discouraged. In the end, nobody wins except for the unscrupulous companies that resell the lead multiple times. The consumer wastes valuable time and end up receiving no help. The company that bought the lead waste even more! A lot more! So, do not buy from companies that resell their leads!

Tip #3: Only buy fresh leads! Find out how often the lead generating company cleans their lists.
Another consideration to look at when buying leads is how fresh they are – how recently were they collected and how many times have they been sold? Leads that are old or that have been sold to many other buyers will probably not be worth the investment you spend in buying them. Similar to Tip #1, you do not want to buy leads that no longer work. It is important to know how often the leads you are buying get cleaned up and how gaps in the lead list are filled.

Food For Thought.
There has been a lot of discussion recently about single opt in versus double opt in leads and which is better to use.
Let’s look at the difference:
Single Opt In – you fill in a form and you’re done. Let the emails begin!
Double Opt In – you fill in a form, get an email saying ‘please confirm’ and after you click that you’re on the list. If you don’t click the confirm link you’ll never get any emails from that marketer again.
The obvious downside with double opt in leads is that you have put an extra step in front of your customers (always bad!) and research shows that up to 25-30% don’t ever go on to confirm. That’s over 1/4 of your hard earned money or time leaking out the cyber door!
However we believe there are there are definite positives to choosing to collect double opt in leads. Here are our top four advantages:
1. Your emails have higher deliverability
In general double opt in leads seem to have higher levels of deliverability, that is the percentage of emails that get into your list inbox is higher. Mail to single opt in subscribers are usually sent from a single opt in server and have a higher chance of getting caught in your ISP’s spam filter.
2. You end up with a more responsive list
Research indicates that double opt in leads have a 17 percent greater lifetime value simply because they double opt-in and anecdotal evidence suggests that double opt in leads are much more responsive.
Having taken the additional step of re-confirming their interest, double opt-in leads seem to have subconsciously assigned you a level of trust that is slightly higher than a single opt in.
3. You’ll get fewer spam complaints
The biggest drawback of single opt in is that it is open to abuse as you can put in someone else’s email address and suddenly they are getting mail they never signed up for. This can’t happen with double opt-in leads as the subscriber must actively choose to be added to your list by clicking on the confirmation list.
4. You’re protected from changes in legislation
The final word on double opt in leads surely has to go to the fax industry – remember how you would arrive into work and find hundreds (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating here but I am sure you all remember how irritating they were) of SPAM faxes littering the office. That industry died a death overnight when legislation ruled against it. Who knows where the next round of legislation will take communication with our lists/customers if they haven’t specifically opted in to our communication.
My advice would don’t take that risk with your own business. Yes, double opt in leads may be harder to get but if you’re in this game for the long term then we believe the benefits outweigh the loss of those who choose not to confirm.
The challenge going forward will be to learn the tips and tricks to reduce the ‘leakage’ of those who don’t confirm.
For more information on lead generation please visit us at where “Doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time, Every Time” isn’t just something cool to say, it’s how we do business.

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