Disadvantages of Direct Mail & Why Your Direct Mail Campaign Bombed

Did you know what you were really getting into? Hopefully your mail house clued you in on the skinny regarding direct mail statistics and what to expect. Direct mail is often considered to be junk mail and seldom does a one-shot mailing have the desired result. You MUST have a long term, well thought out marketing plan because, your piece is competing with dozens of other pieces for attention. If you don’t know what you are doing, it is easy to waste a lot of time and money. There is a relatively high cost per contact and without due diligence it may be difficult to obtain updated, accurate mailing lists.

That being said.  Direct Mail Advertising Done Right Can’t Be Beat!

Pisst.  Pay Attention.  Here’s how you go about running a successful direct mail advertising campaign…..

Define Your Target Market

Determine who you want to reach before you develop your direct mail program. This allows you to specifically target your message to fit specific needs. It is the best advertising medium for customizing your appeal. With improved database resources and demographics, you can effectively precisely target the prospect you are aiming at.

The task of deciding your mailing package content, its design, and its message is up to you. However, remember to attract the reader’s interest, it must be clear, concise and easy to respond to. Coordinate your mailing with other advertising methods to significantly increase your return. Also, presenting one specific offer instead of a variety of options is usually more effective.

Diligently test and track your campaigns, and direct mail can become a profitable piece of your marketing mix.

Selling by mail can be an easy and relatively inexpensive method of selling your products or services, and it is used far more often than most people realize. However, your success depends on the method you use in presenting your offering to your prospects. In direct mail advertising you are sending your “salesmen” out to sell for you. If you present 1,000 offers, you have 1,000 salesmen helping to sell your product or service.

Every business has the potential to increase their profits through the intelligent use of direct mail advertising. Everyone should at least consider a direct mail component in their marketing plan. Don’t be intimidated because it might seem to be too complicated. You might hear other business owners say, “I’ve tried direct mail and it didn’t work.” Keep in mind what they really mean is, they tried using direct mail and what they used didn’t work.

By targeting a very specific group and taking your message directly to them, you have the ability to have complete control over who receives your advertising message, and who doesn’t. For example, if you are targeting opportunity seekers, a quality mailing list can let you focus on that specific group.

A well-planned direct mail campaign can result in the most consistent and predictable method of customer generation and it provides great flexibility in message presentation. ·

Direct mail makes couponing and sampling practical. It can help isolate advertising response to a single segment, and compare returns in one area with those of another.

Each letter campaign gives you the ability to precisely track your return on investment (ROI This way you know to the penny whether or not your marketing plan is working.

You can test a promotion on a small scale before committing a huge budget.

You can develop a distinctive personality for your business. It can be used to enhance your image, give your customers or client’s information, and persuade them to place an order.

Like the saying goes “..anything worth doing is worth doing right”  Data is King but without his Queen (the copy) he’s lost.

Good Luck!  www.apexdm.net

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