Do You Trust Salesman? Building Trust Is Key

In online marketing, the relationship you create between you and the customer will sometimes be the deal breaker. Everyone distrusts a salesman, but if he proves himself worthy of the customer’s trust, he already has his foot in the door.

No matter how revolutionary and life changing your product is, if your customer will not even bother to hear you out, you will have a difficult time selling your product.

So, what does it take to build a relationship with your would-be customer? Here are a few techniques to get that foot of yours into the customers’ virtual doors.

Use your phone
Most online marketers have an innate fear of the telephone conversation. Especially one where they introduce themselves and their company’s product.

It may seem a daunting task, but in using the phone as a method of communication gives your customers the impression that you are human. They would happily deal with a human and not some robotic drone with a spiel to deliver.

Meet in person
Let us say you have indeed gotten over your fear of the telephone conversation. Bring it up a notch and invite your potential customer for a cup of coffee over at the local diner or café.

Seeing you in person will definitely erase most of their fears of you being a fraud. Also, seeing them in person will make it easier for you to market your product. It sure beats talking to a screen everyday.

Enjoy the outdoors while building that relationship.

Build rapport
You have to create an good relationship with your customer. Finding like interests is one way of building rapport. Also, sympathizing with their challenges will endear you to them.

Choose the manner of your delivery in relation to your customer’s age, gender, and background. Going all out to build rapport with a customer is the key to having them eating out of your palm.

Go to their level for you to bring them to the next level.

Building a relationship with your customers gives you a human side that appeals to them. Use that to your advantage and you will succeed in network marketing.

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