Benefits of Live Transfer Leads – 101

There are several types of leads a mortgage broker or a debt consultant can take advantage of and each type of lead brings business to the door. But what differentiates live transfer leads from other (i.e. cherry picking, real time, etc) is that it allows them to maximize their time in dealing with these prospects thus increasing his efficiency in acquiring new accounts

Exclusivity – this is what salesmen are after. The exclusive rights to do business with exclusive topnotch leads that fuel their business. So what are the benefits of getting exclusive leads from a reliable live lead transfer company? Simple – they get the following:

1.Brokers receive their leads immediately! Some companies don’t have minimum purchase requirements and the broker typically starts with a test of 200 leads.

2.The ability to set the amount of leads being transferred in a day

3.Results within hours, not weeks or months like conventional advertising.

4.Only talk to Borrowers that have requested a mortgage today.

5.Save thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising costs that often give fair to poor results.

6.Increase closing ratios dramatically.

7.Close more loans than through conventional advertising.

8.Unbelievably high return on investment.

9.The ability to “get more specific” by selecting additional Filters to receive the right leads.

Some companies are still relying on paper leads originated from the Internet because they are not comfortable dealing with live transfer lead companies. One of the reasons why brokers are hesitant is because of the fact that some companies deliver bogus or second-rate leads that do not produce well since it has been passed down by several agents therefore wasting the time and money invested in these leads.

Yes, ask any salesman on the importance of getting quality live lead transfers and you will get a resounding acceptance that it is a good hot lead that drive their business (plus, of course, the talent of the salesman in driving their clients to a good deal). 

Bottom line, mortgage brokers and debt consultants today are taking full advantage of these services in order to boost their productivity and later on help their businesses to thrive despite the economic crisis.

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