Credit Bureau Data – Is This The Right Product For You??

Credit Bureau Leads. It seems like more and more companies are promoting Credit Bureau Leads. My advice? Tread carefully and complete your own due diligence.

Working with Credit Bureau Leads isn’t for everyone, nor should every company be selling them. Before you rush out and buy a list of Credit Bureau Leads it’s important to understand how to use them, what compliance requirements you are obligated to, and the qualifications of the List Broker you’re considering.

Buying Credit Leads is not a commodity. I understand that many List Brokers view Credit leads as a commodity, but there is an art as to how lists are pulled. Your guidelines, Lender or otherwise, have specific requirements. Sure, if a score of 620 is required, that should be one of the selects. But building a quality Credit Bureau Lead goes further than just choosing traditional selects. Your List Broker should completely understand your business model and work with you as your Credit Bureau Lead list evolves. If you rely solely on your List Broker to deliver a “traditional” say, FHA refinance lead list, you’ll be missing out on some selects that can make or break your marketing campaign.

How authentic are the Credit Bureau Leads you’re purchasing? There are easy ways to discern the authenticity of a Credit Bureau Lead. For whatever campaign your considering: Direct Mail or Telemarketing, the “printable output” is telling. On this excel spreadsheet there will be complete details for you to examine including score, masked social security number, debt amount, payment history, and more. Considering using a full service direct mail company? If you’re being sold Credit Bureau Leads as the underlying data demand that you get the complete printable output of all leads at the time the campaign is being mailed to. If you experience any push-back at this request, chances are the list that’s being mailed to is not Credit Bureau Leads.

With guidelines becoming tighter, savvy marketers are realizing that Credit Bureau Leads can help increase their chances that prospects are qualified for their services. The relationship you develop with your List Broker will ultimately have an effect on the outcome of your campaign. Is your List Broker working with you to develop your ideal Credit Bureau Lead?

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