Direct Mail Marketing Is Good Business – How To Write A Mail Piece Properly

Direct Mailer Marketing Means Business

Direct mail advertising has long been an advertising standby. Almost any business or organization can employ a direct mail campaign. However, not just any direct mailer will get a good conversion rate. If you decide to
use direct mail advertising, it would benefit you to follow the process outlined below. Even the smallest of direct mailers had plenty of thought put into their creation, and this is what makes them successful. Here’s how to make a direct mailer.

Prewriting Research
• Step 1: Understand your target market. Who is your prospective customer?
• Step 2: List the benefits of the product or service. Benefits are created by the features of the product or service. Features explain how a product works, while benefits explain the problems that those features solve.
• Step 3: Develop your unique selling proposition, i.e., your USP. Often, this is done by emphasizing a benefit or an important difference of the product or service.

Writing the Ad
• Step 1: Grab the attention of the prospect with a focused headline.
• Step 2: Compose honest but persuasive copy that emphasizes benefits, as well as inspiring desire in the prospect. If you were selling a burger, your copy should have the prospect salivating and reaching for their wallet by the end of your copy.
• Step 3: Emphasize a clear call to action that either offers more information about the product or service, or that provides an opportunity to purchase the product or service.

Make Effective Use of Copy and Graphics
• Step 1: Choose a strong image that is the focus of the ad: don’t let several photos or images compete for dominance and cause confusion. This encourages a prospect to throw away your direct mailer.
• Step 2: Bold the headline only and use a clear, legible font for the body. Choose simple over fancy.
• Step 3: Keep your layout simple.
Write the outer envelope
• Step 1: Write short, sweet, teaser copy. Teaser copy is the sentence or phrase on the envelope that entices the prospect. Keep in mind the purpose of the outer envelope: you want to get the prospect to open the envelope and read your ad.
• Step 2: Design the envelope to be simple and professional. You don’t want your mailer to look like junk; rather, you want it to look like something the prospect needs.
• Step 3: Keep your entire design cohesively simple, focused and attractive. Leave a good impression in your readers’ minds.

• For the most effective identification of your target market, think of that market in terms of one person: what is one person that would purchase your product or service like?
• Consider hiring a professional copywriter and/or graphic designer.

A Warning:
• Unrealistic claims will harm your credibility. Provide honest benefits for your prospect.

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